Review of WRESTLING ROOMMATES – 17 min

Shauna Ryanne and Annabelle Genovisi enter Shauna’s mat room with their robes on after a dip in the hot tub. Shauna admits to Annabelle the her mat room is to practice her pro wrestling. Annabelle laugh in her face, but Shauna still begs Annabelle to help her practice. Annabelle continues to laugh which angers Shauna causing her to attack Annabelle with a sleeper. Once she’s out Shauna removes the robes and starts a one sided beat down on Annabelle. Shauna practices a bunch of her wrestling moves before taking her pin and leaving Annabelle there for more practice later. Unfortunately when Shauna comes back later, Annabelle is gone. While she wonders where Annabelle went, she attacks from behind. Annabelle attacks with fist of fury knocking Shauna out cold and taking her own pin.

This idea is great way to start a fight, especially a one sided fight. Shauna runs Annabelle ragged for most of this one. Annabelle is brand new to SKW. I haven’t seen her before but apparently I’ve been missing out. Annabelle is sexy, sells really well and Shauna uses a good assortment of moves on her. I really like how Shauna gets the tables turned on her. I know her and she’s always been a great seller. Even though she doesn’t get beaten up too much, it was still great to see her lose a bit. Overall its a great one sided bikini beat down with a little bit of revenge on top.

Overall Score: 9/10