Review of Three Rounds with Becca

Review of Three Rounds with Becca – 11.5 min

Becca challenges you to a boxing match in this POV match. Becca is confident and anxious to get the match started. The bell rings and Becca comes out swinging. You guys trades blows back an forth, but you’re the 1st one to go down. Becca prances around you talking trash as you make it back to your feet. Back up and trading punches again, this time it Becca’s turn to have a seat. She calls you lucky as she hops back up and you guys are at it again. You both gain knock downs on each other before the round ends. Round 2 begins and Becca comes after you like a mad woman. You go down again, having to endure her verbal abuse as you make your way back up. This time its your turn, as you turn the match back in your favor. Becca still fights back, but gets knocked down a couple of times as you stay up. Down on the mats again, Becca is saved by the bell, even though she would have beaten the count. Round 3 is on and Becca is exhausted. You take total advantage of this, knocking her all over the ring and taking her off her feet a couple of times. You can tell Becca’s had enough when she’s can’t even fight back anymore. You take her out of her misery knocking her face down for the ten count. You turn her back over to make sure she’s out before leaving her to rest up.

I can never get enough of Becca losing boxing matches in any way possible. This is an amazing way to see Becca defeated. I really loved this one. Becca gaining confident in the early minutes of the match only to have it all taken away in the end. It was good to not have this one being one sides the whole time. We had to work for this victory and that just make it more worth it to beat the once confident Becca. During the times when you were on the ground, you get a lot of great shots of Becca’s amazing body as she walks around making fun of you. As you start gaining more and more control Becca clearly gets weaker and before you know, she’s out on her feet ready to be put to sleep. Your definitely in control more often than not. Becca’s selling is perfect and the whole match is really well done. You guys definitely need to have this one.

Overall Score: 9.5/10