Review of The Queen Crowns Becca

Review of The Queen Crowns Becca – 34.5 min

Becca walks into the FWR studios, as does Antoinette, Becca challenges her to a KOs and pins match. Antoinette couldn’t be happier to accept, but 1st Antoinette challenges her to a arm wrestling match. Which to no ones surprise Antoinette wins. Then she’s quick to attack Becca after the arm wrestling, tossing her into the ring starting her domination off quick. Antoinette easily takes the 1st two rounds, but Becca manages to fight back and take the 3rd round. Becca tried to take the 4th but lost control and Antoinette dominates the rest of the match. Ending things with a nice school girl victory pose.

Another one challenges the queen and another one gets defeated. I always like these multi fall matches versus Antoinette and I love every match that ends with Becca on the losing end. This one is especially great becasue Antoinette pretty much dominates the whole video. Great KOs reaction from Becca. Just mere great selling from this awesome jobber. Love Antoinette’s domination, giving up plenty of great KO and pins. Overall, if you love Becca being dominated then this is an easy choice. She does win one round but, she lost 5 rounds and I call that a squash and its a great one.

Overall Score: 9/10