Review of THE GANG’S ALL HERE – 11 min

SK has Sumiko in the mat room, she is told there was a surprise waiting for her. That surprise was 6 girls in jeans and black shirts entering the room. Devon, Ivy Sloan, Anne-Marie, Dakota Charms, Pocahontas Jones, and Serena have decided that they have seen enough of Sumiko in the spot light and are going to do something about it. The girls circle Sumiko, blocking her escape, as they start a 6 on 1 belly beat down. They all take turns getting their shots in and holding Sumiko down. The beating goes on for about 10 minutes, than the girls, satisfied with the beating they handed out, leaving a beaten and broken Sumiko whimpering in their wake.

This to me this is the definition of having too make cooks in the kitchen, for a beat down vid. I actually like most things about this vid but didn’t like a few. There are no KOs and their is just too many attackers. So, other belly punching vids have showed me that KOs are totally an option when it comes to these kind of vids. I wish it would have at least ended it a KO. As far as the amount of people in this vid, I feel that its a missed opportunity to have so many great names and not do something wild. There’s a lot of muscle here and the possibilities are literally limitless. Because this one called for it to focused on belly punches most of the time there’s one girl throwing punches and two holding Sumiko. The rest are providing team spirit. But, really lets talk about the good things. I love the outfits, jeans and sneakers for everyone, minus two flip flops (visiting girls are forgiven). They all look awesome. Sumiko selling as always is top notch and the attacking girls did have a lot of fun, talking a lot of trash, which is good to watch.

Overall Score: 7/10