Review of The Final Showdown

Review of The Final Showdown – 17 min

Its been a long time coming but Tara and Sassi are finally set to meet. Not before Antoinette has her turn against Tara. Antoinette explains that she’s been losing just to bait Tara in to a rematch. Tara and Antoinette meet in the ring after getting dressed in some outfits left out for them, but before they can get started Sassi sneaks up and sucker punches Tara knocking her out. When Tara wakes back Sassi tells her that they are blood sisters separated at birth. So, Sassi boxes Tara which kind of ends in a draw. Than Antoinette boxes Sassi, which Antoinette wins. Than finally Antoinette boxes Tara, which Tara almost loses, but after so dreamland encouragement from Sassi, Tara rallies back to defeat Antoinette. In the end Sassi warns Tara that Payton is looking for a fight.

Definitely the most storyline driven vid from FWR. They story is a little over complicated, but definitely good for a couple of laughs. From the outfits Tara and Antoinette had to wear to the dream scene, both were pretty silly and had me laughing. The action is pretty simple, tons of face punches which was the main focus. plenty of Knock downs, mostly it was Tara getting knocked down and she looked great. Although everyone had some time on the mat. I think everyone sold great and looked great. Overall it was fun to watch, I think it needed to be longer so that the story gets some good time and these boxing can get good time, because i felt the match could have been longer. They were well done and that’s why i think in this case loner would have been better.

Overall Score: 8/10