Review of TAKAIJI THE TITAN 4 – 8 min + 14min = 22 min

Two videos here featuring Takaiji and Ivy. One of them Ivy has help from Rose. In the 1st one we see Ivy stretching in the mat room, when Takaiji sneaks up, scraps Ivy up off her feet and smothers her out. Then Takaiji grabs Ivy by the ankles and dangles her upside down till Ivy passes out. Takaiji continues to make literally light work of Ivy. She even gives Ivy a chance to fight back, but of course Ivy doesn’t stand a chance. A few KOs later and Ivy gets carried away by the dominate Takaiji.

A few weeks later Rose and Ivy are set for a match versus Takaiji. They both want nothing to do with Takaiji because Ivy told Rose what happened last time. Takaiji offers them a way out. If either one of the girls can beat her in a arm wrestling match than they are both free to go. The girls agree to this, but unsurprisingly neither one of them had a chance as Takaiji easily beats them both. So the gauntlet style match is on and Ivy is up 1st. Ivy easily gets crushed by Takaiji, while Rose complains about Ivy being so easy to beat. Once Takaiji finishes off Ivy, Rose clears Ivy from the mats and confidently rushes Takaiji. Takaiji easily stops Rose in her track and has her begging for mercy in no time. Soon, Takaiji does finally show some mercy. Once Rose and Ivy are back up and ready to go, they face Takaiji together. They circle Takaiji, trying to attack her from both sides, but when they spring into action Takaiji just steps back, allowing them to run into each other. They almost knock each other out, making it really easy for Takaiji to come in and clean up, finishing them both off and taking her final pin.

Even though she’s been gone for a while, Ivy is still a fan favorite and it’s pretty clear why. The 1st match is very unique as it is a lift and carry focused vid, but there’s a good amount of KOs. I really like that dangling KO, Ivy is just totally helpless as she’s just stuck upside down till she passes out. Also I love that white bikini, mainly because of that useless skirt belt thing. On to the second vid. Again there’s total dominance from Takaiji. Rose and Ivy actually thought they could beat Takaiji in arm wrestling. Then hard as Ivy tried Rose still acted like she wasn’t trying hard enough. She still under estimated Takaiji, till it was her turn. Than she quickly understood how strong Takaiji was. I love how the last round went, Takaiji just moving out of the way and letting them take each other out, that was perfect. Great selling from both Rose and Ivy. Rose was great at being over confident, than sold well when she got destroyed. Ivy was just as great as you would expect in both videos. I just love seeing her helpless and defeated. Of course the converse boots are a great addition to the bikinis for me. Overall, another great showing from Ivy and more dominance from Takaiji. I hope SK still has a lot of unreleased Ivy videos because they’re going to be great.

Overall Score: 9/10