We fade in on Luna Vera, a thief, who just stole some serious cybernetic technology. She’s on the phone with her buyer and is almost floored by how much its worth. Suddenly we see the POV of something heading her way. The gigantic cyborg Takaiji comes around the corner. Luna is quick to fire a shot but Takaiji catches the bullet with her teeth and spits it back at her. Luna tries to run but stumbles and falls giving Takaiji plenty of time to grab her. Takaiji grabs Luna but the throat and lifts her off her feet, choking her out. Once she’s out, Takaiji collects the stolen merchandise. she secures the tech than she starts using the tiny Luna as her training dummy beating the living crap out of the terrified and helpless thief. Once she’s done with her practice Takaiji makes sure Luna is out than carries her back to HQ.

Luna is amazing in this! I’ve only seen her once before this and i thought she killed it in that vid (TEACHING LUNA) too. She looks awesome in her shiny suit. A great number of moves, almost all ending in a KO. Takaiji seems extra strong becasue she’s playing a cyborg and tiny Luna just seems so helpless. It really make a awesome combination for this total domination. The story here is pretty brief, but does exactly what it supposed to, which is giving Takaiji a reason to beat the crap out of Luna. Overall, this is a great video, just plain and simple, go get this one ASAP!

Overall Score: 9.5/10