Review of STARRING SERENA – 59 min

This full length release is a collection of classic clips starring the amazing Serena. With 6 individual clips in this classic pack it would take me forever to go through all the action for you. So this time I’m going to take the lazy way out and send you guys who would like detailed description of each video to the PPV site, links at top ant bottom of the page. There you can see each clip in detail.

A classic pack of videos here that should have been called “Defeating Serena.” Serena not only loses 5 out of 6 these matches, but gets completely dominated. The one she didn’t lose, she didn’t win either as that one came to a draw. Serena does awesome in each and every clip, but my favorites were “I WONDER, SERENA,” Serena vs Angelina and “ATOMIC HELENA.” Angelina not only squashes wonder Serena but she always brings in a foreign object to help her defeat Serena. In the atomic drops vid, there’s something I really enjoy about these kind of videos even though there’s only one KO. Serena is too weak to fight back, too weak to kick out of pins as Helena dominates her. Overall, all the videos were very enjoyable and had plenty of KOs. I absolutely love Serena as jobber and this is many examples of why.

Overall score: 8.5/10