Review of Squashing Ashley Wildcat

Review of Squashing Ashley Wildcat – 10.5 min

Ashley Wildcat walks into the FWR ring area to find Mystique hanging out there. She notices that she is taller than Mystique and that makes her think that she is stronger than Mystique. When she mentions it to Mystique, Mystique laughs in her face. Ashley tries to show Mystique how strong she is but lifting Mystique up on her shoulders, which she couldn’t do, than changes it so having Mystique sit on her back, which does work. Mystique lets this go on for a little while, but soon tires of the silliness and slaps Ashley in a sleeper. She doesn’t put her out but does weaken her a bit. From here Mystique uses her size and strength advantage to keep Ashley pinned to down. Mystique uses a grapevine pin, head scissors, and a final schoolgirl pin, before leaving Ashley to lick her wounds and catch her breath.

First thing is first, who ever told Ashley to wear this outfit, is my hero. Secondly, there’s no KOs. Now, as much as a like this video, everything is better with some KOs or at lease one good one at the end. Other than that this vid is great. I love Ashley’s reactions in this, From her silly faces while having Mystique on her back to the reactions she made while Mystique was trying to choke the life out of her, all of them were great. Mystique, again, is just fun to watch as well. She just looks like she’s having such a great time and that always fun to watch. Overall, it’s great fun to watch Ashley get dominated my Mystique, especially wearing that. Needs a few KOs to be excellent, but a very enjoyable clip nonetheless.

Overall Score: 8/10