Review of SPIES AMONG FRIENDS – 29 min

Sumiko is out back reading, when her roommate and spy friend, Serena, comes over and tells Sumiko about her rough day at work. She talks about all the the spies she had to take down. then heads inside. Sumiko makes a phone call, to her spy boss, who orders Sumiko to take out Serena. Sumiko happily agrees. We than see Sumiko, now in her spy gear sneaking up on Serena, who is at the table, reading. Sumiko grabs Serena. but Serena fights back. The battle quickly ends up in the mat room and the girls battle back and forth. Eventually Sumiko comes out on top, but she adds a little more beating on Serena for the trouble she’s caused. After Sumiko has made sure Serena is done she calls her boss back to confirm mission complete.

This is a great battle. I like the story, just to give us a good reason for this fight. Than once the fighting gets going it starts out with chucks of domination. First Serena had control for a while then Sumiko did. Then they played possum on each other just to get control again. Soon though Sumiko just kept getting the best of Serena and soon Serena was done but Sumiko wasn’t. I love how all that work and the fight went on. It’s mainly punches and kicks with a bunch of wrestling mixed it, that worked well. Serena and Sumiko both sold amazingly and looked just as good. I liked Serena’s outfit better because it didn’t cover everything. Overall, an awesome clip with tons of great fighting, that definitely doesn’t feel like it’s almost 30 minutes long.

Overall score: 9/10