Review of SERENA’S POOR BELLY: chapter three

Review of SERENA’S POOR BELLY: chapter three

A two for one deal here, both starring Serena and her poor belly. This older one Serena walks in on SK training and offers her belly up as a great target for his training. After SK takes a good look, he agrees. In no time Serena is regretting her decision, but SK isn’t going to stop till he’s done. In the end SK is nice enough to leave Serena a little tip for her help with his training.

In the second one, Serena “barrows” some money from SK to open her new gym. Serena just forgot to ask SK for the money before she borrowed it. SK has noticed the missing money and confronts Serena about it. Serena denies it, but SK knows the truth. He gives her another chance to admit to it, but she denies him again. SK attacks the belly and beings to work the truth out of her. It takes a little while but soon Serena does admit to taking his money. Than SK used a few more belly attacks to work out a deal for her to pay the money back. After they strike a deal SK makes sure Serena has a good nap to think her financial future.

I wasn’t a big belly torture till as saw Serena do one of these a few years back and i have just loved them ever since. I love the way Serena sells her belly punches, it’s just perfect. She has gotten better over the year though. The older one is good, but i feel the newer one is much better and I like her in jeans more too. Its a super simple idea for a video and when you have someone that sells as good as Serena does, your going to get some great content.

Overall Score: 8.5/10