Review of SENTRY GIRLS: SESSION 36 – 25min

SK is running through another training program as told by a deep voice, probably Deep Throat. SK easily runs though many Keri Spectrum sentries, having his fun than leaving her KO’d. A great number of tactics are used like, multiple blackjack strikes to a KO, pressure point “freeze” attack, and multiple tazer attacks, just to name a few. Of course it worth mentioning the super sexy, shiny black outfit the Keri sentries wear.

I’ve always keep the sentry girls series of reviews pretty simple because you guys know what you’re getting when you buy one of these. But, I got to tell you, the series really steps it up this time. The formula hasn’t changed, its still a poor sentry been taken out may times, in many ways, but when that sentry is Keri Spectrum and she looking like that, wearing that suit, things tend to get much more enjoyable. Keri looks absolutely stunning in the shiny suit and she sells awesome. Nothing too over the top, but expertly done, nonetheless. Plenty of KOs that end in great KO positions, of course the fan favorite, butt in air pose, is there, as well as some great spread eagle KOs. This is my best clip of the update and an easy choice for all SKW fans.

Overall Score: 9.5/10