Review of Season 3 / Special Release 1

Review of Season 3 / Special Release 1 – 12 min

Celestia seeking revenge for for Miss Freedom, calls out Miss Suppression. They meet for battle and the weapon Celestia brought with her turns out to be useless. When it comes to hand to hand combat, it only takes a few seconds to see how out classed she is by Miss Suppression. Celestia tries hard as she can to do damage, but she continues to get her butt kicked pretty easily. Once Celestia had no fight left, Miss Suppression continues to beat Celestia all over the room in a music montage. when she’s finally done she takes pictures of the KO’d practice dummy, before leaving Celestia to rest up in the room.

I like the one sided beating in this one Celestia never stood a chance. She did try pretty hard, but nothing really had a good effect on Miss Suppression. Great fist fighting and great reaction from Celestia. I like a lot of the dazed reaction she does. I also really like the evil grin that Miss Suppression does all the time. The music montage was a fun way to see a beat down. Part of me wants to see the whole beating, part of me really liked it. The last scene is great, I love the humiliation of Miss Suppression taking pic of her beaten opponent. Overall a great beat down vid, really happy with the selling and will definitely be getting more of these soon.

OVerall Score: 8.5/10