Review of Season 3 / Episode 1

Review of Season 3 / Episode 1 – 19 min

Alaric, leader of The Darkhearts, is desperate to find the reaming Disciple pills, which are pills the give normal people superhero strength. Bluebird destroyed the main stash of them. His search in interrupted by an over confident heroine, The Steel sister. She packs quite a punch, but she is no match for Alaric and his crew. She gives him her best, but its nowhere near enough as Alaric easily takes her down. His fun is interrupted by another intruding heroine. He finishes off The Steel Sister to investigate who else here. The story continues in the next episode.

I love how story driven these are. I’m excited to see who is coming to take on Alaric and crew next and to see them get dominated, because Alaric is indestructible. The Steel sister found that out today. She gave him one hell of a punch, but that’s just about all she got. She didn’t go down easy either. She kept getting back up for more and kept her confidence all the way till the very end. In the end though, we still ended up with one knocked out heroine! Overall, I’m really happy with this story and great selling from The Steel sister.

Overall Score: 8.5/10