Review of Randy’s Fight Club 3

Review of Randy’s Fight Club 3 – 20 min

Back with another Randy’s fight club video, this time her opponent is Karlie Montana. Randy meets Karlie in a ring with briefcase in hand. Randy explains the rules, telling Karlie that this is fight to the finish, after each KO an article of clothing is removed and when your opponent is down to just a thong you can finish them off. She also adds that the winner gets the briefcase with contains 50k. Randy is the 1st to attack, but she doesn’t stay in control long as Karlie takes control quick and soon has randy out cold. Randy isn’t going to make these easy for Karlie fighting back and knocking her out. The battle rages back and forth as Karlie gets the next KO, than Randy the next. Now that the girls have no clothes left its time to wrap things up. Randy had her win ready, but instead decides to let Karlie get one more chance. She almost pays for that choice because Karlie had more fight left in her than she thought. Randy does over come Karlie eventually, knocking her out again, than finishes her off with a couple of stomps to the head.

I am just loving these fight club videos. I skipped the 2nd one becasue I love Karlie. I will probably go back the the 2nd one soon. It was worth it though. Karlie was awesome as I expected. Her body’s amazing and her selling is amazing. The same can be said for Randy, but I’d hope by now, you guys would know that. I really like the back and forth fighting in this one. Best part is whem Karlie would get knocked out she was pretty hard to wake back up. Overall, another great vid with lots of fist fighting action, clothing removal and plenty of KOs

Overall Score: 9/10