Review of POV Fight Challenge with Hannah

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Review of Hannah in FetishlandPOV Fight Challenge with Hannah – 10 Mins

HannahToday’s the day! Hannah shows up to your place ready for your fighting match. It’s a totally legit fight and the terms are set: if Hannah wins, she gets to keep all the money you’ve put up; if you win, well — you can do whatever you want with Hannah because she will be asleep for it! But do you think Hannah would show up and put that on the table if she thought there was any chance it could actually happen? Hannah is 100% confident she will win this match, because she always does. The fight begins pretty one-sided. Hannah gets quite a few jabs in while she taunts you a bit. Eventually though you surprise her with some moves of your own that she doesn’t see coming. You are going tit for tat at first but Hannah starts getting dizzy and sloppy so you get more damage in. She is swinging and missing but you keep catching her off her guard and nailing her square in the face. Now she’s a silly cross-eyed mess by the end of the match. She goes down a few times and manages to get back up, and finally you deliver one last blow which knocks her out! Hannah is asleep on the floor and you have won the match. Hmm, what next…?

I was told about this vid right after I did the review of FWR’s “Hannah is Your Punching Bag”, because I loved that one so much. This one follows the same idea, Hannah is super confident in her abilities, only to be utterly defeated. Of course she doesn’t go down without a fight, even knocking you down once, but your punches bring plenty of power and the more you hit her, the more dazed Hannah gets. Hannah performs perfectly, starting out talking trash but ending up out cold and rolling her eyes in the end. After Hannah’s out, you start to take off her shorts, because she said you could do whatever you wanted it you won, but that’s for a different video. Highlights of the video are, its’ POV so we get great close look at Hannah’s reactions, and great eyerolling at the end. Also l like the tank top, shorts and sneakers, but we never really get a look at anything below the hip. Plain and simple, if you enjoyed Hannah’s video for FWR, then you’ll enjoy this, like I did.

Overall score: 9/10