Review of Play

Review of Play – 7 min

Kayla walks up to her boy friend with 2 toy guns in hand and says “Hey look at these! We’re going to play a game and you have to kill me!” Confused he asks why, she says, “because I’m a spy and you have to find the secret code I have taped somewhere on my body!” Still kind of confused he agrees. She runs across the room and he shots her in the belly and she drops to the ground saying, “oh no!” Next she’s on the couch laying across him, kicking her feet and he shoots her in the back. He than carries her to the bed and takes off her socks to find the code tapped to the bottom of her foot. She turns to him and says, “Oh cool, you found it!” he says “hey you’re still supposed to be dead” Kayla says “Oh yea.” He shoots her in the back anyway and she goes limp. He worships her feet a bit than suddenly decides that her playing dead isn’t good enough. He jumps on her back and grabs her head. She laughs for a second than realizes he isn’t playing. She tries be brake free but he snaps her neck and she goes limp. He rolls her on her back and than leaves her there, game over.

I love it when Kayla is being cute, she doesn’t have to try, but in this one she’s really putting it on. This video is pretty short, but there’s a lot in it. We got Kayla playing her little gun game and gets shot 3 times. There’s some limp play a little foot worshiping. Than suddenly all the games come to an end as her boy friend breaks her neck. Its a cool little twist that comes out of no where. Overall, this video idea is good enough for a longer clip. but plenty of good stuff in packed into this on.

Overall Score: 8/10