Review of Physical Therapy WITH RENE

Review of Physical Therapy WITH RENE – 20 min

David is the old guy, just home from surgery waiting on his Physical Therapist, Rene. When Rene shows up, he’s suddenly not so worried about healing anymore. He’s only concern is the sexy little body of Rene. Soon as he gets the chance he strangles the little girl into unconsciousness. The tiny girl could do nothing to stop him. He carries her around, stripping her clothes off and every time she woke up, David was quick to put her back to sleep with Chloro, hand smother or anything else her cold do to keep her out. He strips her to her bra and panties, gropes her as much as he likes, plays with her feet and other limp limbs. Poor little Rene isn’t going any where any time soon.

Rene has such a cute little body and she looks really good being David’s limp little toy. She sells good too for her ko’s. She crosses her eyes and rolls them a bit. David is incredibly creepy, which is what he’s supposed to be. So, I guess I can’t complain about that. Great amount of limp play and carries. The ko’s come often enough to keep it entertain and Rene is such a cute girl, this helpless role is perfect. A fan suggested this to me in my forum section and I found it good enough to pass it along. It’s a slightly old video, so the quality and lighting isn’t great but the content is solid.

Overall score: 8.5/10