Review of Peyton Needs a Payday

Review of Peyton Needs a Payday – 16 min

Payton comes to the ring to talk to Rick. Apparently she’s a bit short on cash and need to make a quick buck. She asks ring is she could get an advance on her next match, but Rick says that he can’t do that. Lucky for Payton someone shows up willing to have a match with her, but unfortunately than someone is Mystique. Mystique is quick to remind Payton about what happened in their last match, but Payton still agrees to have another match. Of course to no one’s surprise Mystique totally dominates Payton, targeting her sexy mid section the whole time. Mystique also strips Payton of her clothes during KOs, so in the end Mystique leaves Payton sleeping in just a Bikini.

Mystique is amazing! I don’t often pay too much attention to heels because the jobbers are the main attraction, but Mystique is really charismatic and extremely dominate, which just makes her a total joy to watch. Payton is also becoming a favorite of mine, She’s really cute, she sells pretty great and she was so nervous in this one especially when Mystique 1st showed up, I couldn’t tell if she was just acting scared or if Mystique really just scares the crap out of her. That’s a good thing. The match was well done too, a good amount of KOs, I love the clothing removal and tons of belly torture. Overall, all I got to say is, more Mystique being dominate and more Payton being a jobber, please. I love them both.

Overall Score: 9/10