Review of MIXED DREAMS: KERI’S PRIDE – 48mins

Going to kick it back to an old favorite for you guys today. This one is for all the new guys around here that haven’t seen some of the old, great video SKW has.

This one has a great story set up. We start off mid boxing match with SK versus Keri. They cut the match for instructions than they finish the match with SK knocking out Keri. The cut again after the custom video is done and are just hanging out talking for a bit. Keri says that she bets that she could beat SK in a real fight and challenges him. SK not wanting to fight her says no, but after Keri makes fun of him and calls him a few names, SK finally accepts her challenge. Later back on the mats SK waits for Keri. When Keri gets there, he tries to talk the out of it, but Keri isn’t having it. She came to fight and start off with a low blow on SK. This give SK a reason to fight and before Keri can do anything, she on the receiving end of a bare-fisted boxing beat down. Keri is out of it from most of the fight but she won’t stay down. Eventually one hell of an uppercut convinces her to stay down. After the KO SK carries Keri to a near by chair gives her some water and basically asks if she’s happy now. Keri says she’s a grappler, not a boxer and if it was a wrestling match, she would beat him. SK reluctantly agrees to fight her in a KO battle in a few days. SK leaves and Keri goes to walk away, but is still dizzy and back passes out. A few days later Keri is on the mats talking crap about SK. When SK shows, he tries to talk her out of it, but once again she’s spoiling for a fight and she gets one. SK dominates the entire time with tons of KOs and submissions on a very groggy Keri. Eventually leaving Keri laid out with her tongue hanging out.

This match is definitely one for the ages. This video has and awesome story. Which I don’t feel is too much of a stretch because Keri is a fighter and she probably could beat up SK, she definitely wouldn’t back down too. But it’s a fun idea and it sold so great by Keri and SK. This was one of my 1st kind of over the top videos as Keri’s tongue does pop out a little in a few different KOs. Speaking of KOs, there a plenty in this one. This is one of the few videos where I’m not going to say “could use a few more KOs.” Keri’s been one of the best in the business and still is. She did an excellent job selling back then and some how found a way to be even better today. This is a definite must own for any of you out there that haven’t seen this one yet.

Overall Score: 9.5/10