Review of MIXED DREAMS: DOUBLE DESTRUCTION – 11mins 2x = 22mins

We got two mixed squashes, shot a few years ago in one great release. First up is Lady Jane. She’s in the mat room complaining about how SK only wins all the time because he cheats all the time. At that same moment SK sneaks up on Lady Jane and smothers her out. It’s all down hill from here as SK does what he does best, cheating, dominating and winning.

Its pretty much the same story for his next victim, Stephanie Starr. Steph was just stretching in the mat room, minding her own, when SK sneaks up and plants her with a DDT. Steph suffers the same one sided destruction as Lady Jane did, not the same like the same move list, but the same as, she never stood a chance.

Both matches have a great move lists, including some great torturing submissions, plenty of KOs and topped off with a couple of power moves that leave both girls out for the night. I’m really happy with both girls performances, although a few times i could swear Lady Jane was laughing. Her screams of pain sometimes sound like she’s being tickled to death. Her reactions are great though. Stephanie is my favorite of the two. Her selling isn’t too much better than Lady Jane’s, but her being lighter and more experienced (I think) gave SK a wider window possible moves. Nothing over the top here, although the piledrivers and pedigrees would have been a good chance to. Overall these are two good one sided matches with two girls that probably would have been pretty popular if they stuck around.

Overall Score: 8.5/10