Review of La gatta Killer 6 – The Boss’ wife

Review of La gatta Killer 6 – The Boss’ wife

Got one for you guys that is really crazy. I fan told me about this C4S store and told me to check this series of videos they do called La Gatta Killer. The title didn’t give it away but the store make it clear, the vids are all in Italian. Convinced by said fan that the language barrier wouldn’t hurt the overall video. I bought it and he was right.

So, even not understanding Italian, the story idea is clear. There are 3 characters, The Boss, well, apparently, the Boss’ wife, thanks to the title transition. A Hitwoman and and the victim. The vid starts with the Boss making a call, ordering the hit. We than she the Hitwoman coming into the victim’s house. The hit woman puts a sleeper on the victim. The victim’s reaction are so over the top it’s amazing. In no time, she’s rolling her eye’s, sticking her tongue out and twitching. Even after she’s out cold, the victim continues all those reactions laying on the floor as the hitwoman checks out her laptop. Seemingly finding what she wanted the hitwoman goes back to finish the job. As she strangles the poor victim, the crazy over the top reactions still continue. She even begins drooling near her end. The hitwoman is as proud as she can be, laughing as she uses the victim’s phone to take a picture for evidence. Smug as she can be, she heads back to show the boss the job is done. You can tell she’s bragging to the boss, but when she shows the boss the picture, there is a problem. The boss shows the hitwoman her monitor and its clear the woman on the phone and the one on the monitor are not the same person. The boss is pissed and the smug look on the hitwoman’s face is quickly replaced with fear. The hitwoman begs for forgiveness, but her word fall on deaf ears as the boss backs her up against the wall and pick her up but her neck. Its now the hitwoman’s turn to give all the over the top reactions she laughed at before. The boss eventually lets her go and she slumps to the floor twitching with her tongue out. She still tries to beg for her life, even with her tongue still hanging out as the boss takes of her own stocking to finish her off. Just as the hitwoman’s victim before, the hitwoman twitches and drools. Even after the boss has released her from the strangle, she continues to flop on the ground as the boss returns to the phone, probably to try and order the same hit again.

The reaction in this vid are some over the top, its comical, which is how i love my reactions. There is so much twitching, eyerolling, tongue protrusion and drooling there is no way this can be taken as a serious video. Which is one thing i worried about bringing it here, but after a seeing it, I thought that over the top reaction fans need to see this. The selling is perfect. The story is great and the girls are gorgeous. Even with this being all in Italian, I feel safe saying, you will not be disappointed.

Overall Score: 9.5/10