Review of Kyoko vs Nicole – Grudge Boxing

Review of Kyoko vs Nicole – Grudge Boxing – 20 mins

This battle comes after Nicole and Kyoko’s lost to Darrius in “Asian Ass Beatings” which they both blame each other for. After a little smack talk, the match is on. Round one is all back and forth. Kyoko keeps getting backed into a corner and having to fight her way out, only to get backed in again. Even though, Nicole is the 1st one to hit the mat. Kyoko takes her 1st trip down shortly after. Round two is more of the same, Kyoko is getting overpowered, but she continues to fight her way out of the corner. Both girls take the trips to canvas, but are back up pretty quick and ready to fight. Kyoko finally gets the upper hand, backing Nicole in the corner. Nicole is in big trouble, but gets saved by the bell. Round 3 and Nicole has regained her senses and comes out swinging. Kyoko can’t do much to stop the onslaught of punches. She fights back as much as she can, but Nicole is in total control. After a few knockdowns Kyoko can take no more an finally stays down. Nicole takes he victory pose and than hurries off, trying to find Darrius, seeking revenge.

First thing, I had a good laugh at Kyoko’s trash talk as her accent reminds me of Jackie Chan talking trash to Chris Tucker, especially when she said “your face got in the way of my fist!” That was really funny. As far the match, this one is well done. I think it was clear that Nicole was going to come out on top, because Kyoko had to keep fighting her way out of the corner. Kyoko had plenty of fight though. I was happy with the amount of knock downs. The rounds were good and long and the breaks where quick. I never felt like i was waiting for something to happen. The girls made it fun as they insult each other between punches. Overall this was a good match with two awesome Asians.

Overall Score: 8.5/10