Review of Kicks vs Scissors

Review of Kicks vs Scissors – 13 min

Sasha sits on the outside of the ring when rookie Madison walks in. Sasha calls her out for being a newbie and thinks she can take her down with kicks alone as she baits her in close enough to kick her in the stomach. Sasha tosses her in the ring continuing to use only kicks to control Madison. Sasha gets too confident too quickly and starts taunting Madison with her feet. Madison is quick to take advantage of that by taking out Sasha leg and trapping her in a tight scissors. From here on out its all Madison as she tortures Sasha in many different scissors. After just about 10 minutes of torture, Madison finally puts Sasha to sleep, then quickly leaves Sasha there to think about who she challenges next time.

I like seeing Sasha struggle and there is a ton of that in this one. There is only one KO at the end and there is plenty of opportunities for more, but I imagine the customer didn’t want too many KOs. I really did enjoy the beautiful shots of the lovely Sasha and Madison struggling. I also love when a challenge like this blows up in some ones face. Sasha was so sure that she could win and in just a few minutes, she’s begging for mercy. Overall, a few KOs short, but and otherwise awesome video.

Overall Score: 8/10