Review of I SCREAM OF JEANNE 3 – 16 min

Avery is back at SK and she’s pissed about what Little Jeanne just did to Sumiko. She swears to SK to avenge her. Later, Jeanne is in the mat room and Avery sneak attacks her. It only takes Jeanne a few moments to get Avery off her back. The rest comes as expected, Jeanne totally dominates Avery, easily dominating her. Jeanne finishes off Avery with a couple of piledrivers. Jeanne takes her pin and just as she’s about to take her victory pose, when Sumiko runs in with the belt. Lucky for Jeanne, she’s quick on her feet and ducks Sumiko’s attack and takes the belt from Sumiko and lays her out with it. Just out of anger, Sumiko gets a piledriver and a powerbomb. Than Jeanne drags the still out cold Avery over Sumiko and takes her victory pose over them both.

Just like Sumiko’s video against Little Jeanne, this one too is really great. I’m really excited to see Avery again and she is still selling great. I love the moves Jeanne uses on Avery, especially the camel clutch, choke out combo. It makes a great angle to see Avery rolling her eyes and passing out. I really like what Sumiko had on when she ran it. I would love to see a full Sumiko destruction with her wearing that. Like a ragdoll vid, I know that guy loves he girls in jeans too. Overall, another great squash from Jeanne. Great to have Avery back and a great run in by Sumiko, ending a a nice body pile and victory pose.

Overall Score: 9/10