Review of Hazel Dominates Dakota

Review of Hazel Dominates Dakota – 10 min

Dakota is lying in bed, minding her own when Hazel walks up and puts the poor terrified Dakota between her thighs and starts to squeeze. Dakota immediately starts to roll her eyes and drool. Hazel continues to squeeze until Dakota finally passes out. Hazel changes her scissors position and repeats her torture. Hazel keeps changing her hold on Dakota every time she pass out, laughing at her new toy as she drools all over the place. Eventually Hazel has had enough fun with Dakota and leaves her there drooling on herself.

What a great job but Dakota, she really drools pretty heavily in this one and I just loved that. Good amount of eye rolling and crossing too, Dakota was completely helpless against Hazel. I loved Hazel’s mocking of Dakota, she really had some fun with that. Plenty of KOs, although they didn’t last too long as Hazel would either wake up Dakota or she would wake on her own when Hazel was moving. Overall, I really liked this, just love how overpowered Dakota was and really love just how much she drooled. Also this was another video suggested for my forum section.

OVerall Score: 9/10