Review of Goofy Experiments Part 2

Review of Goofy Experiments Part 2- 17mins

Been a long time since I reviewed a Velvets Fantasies video, but when I noticed she put out two silly reactions vids, I had to bring you guys at least one of them. This one starts out with Dr. Velvets preparing a concoction for here test subjects that walk in moments later. Heather West and Alisa Kiss enter, talking about the good things that happened last time the tested for Dr. Velvets. The testing gets under way and the both drain their test drinks. They talk a bit and Heather is the 1st one to say that she suddenly feels angry and Alisa is quick to mock her. The girls start going back and forth, taking jabs at each other. Both girls getting madder as Dr. Velvets can do little to keep the calm. The insults cause a fight to break out and Dr. Velvets is quick to get out of the way. The girl pull each other by the hair and soon headbutt each other. This cause both girls tongues to stick out and their eyes roll and cross before they hit the floor. Dr. Velvets is in the background taking notes of the action. The girls wake up and get right back to fighting, some times Heather coming out on top and sometime Alisa, but every KO comes after goofy, over the top reaction. This carries on for most of the video till suddenly they both turn they’re anger towards Dr. Velvets who as been taken notes the whole time. Dr. Velvets makes a run for it, but both girls are in hot pursuit as they chase the doc into a nearby room. We can hear quite a ruckus behind the door, than suddenly, nothing. The door opens and a dizzy, knocked silly doc emerges and falls out cold in the middle of the floor. She is followed by Alisa, who falls on top of Dr. Velvets. Then Heather, looking just as silly as the doc and Alisa comes out of the room and falls on top of them both. A good look at the body pile on the floor marks the end of this one.

I almost feel as if is my duty to make sure you guys get to see the best over the top videos out there. Even though this one was requested, you guys probably would have gotten it anyway because it’s awesome. Heather and Alisa both deliver top notch performances. Not only in giving great reactions, but overall acting as well. When they were starting to get mad at each other, it come across exactly as you would expect it to. They were very convincing. Than the when they fighting starts they continue to talk smack, when they are conscious enough. I love this story idea, drug induced fighting that causes silly reactions. Than when they turn on Jackie and she makes a break for it. I love all that. It’s really fun to watch and the girls nail it. Overall, a good number of KOs, great selling and a good, expertly delivered story. As always I hope for more like this one.

Overall Score: 9/10