Review of FIGHTING HELENA – 60mins

Got a collection of 5 clips here, of course starring SKW legend, Helena. The 1st one is against Laticia, Helena holds her own in this one. staying in control for the majority of the match knocking out Laticia a few times along the way. Next battle is against Serena. Helena has a pretty hard time in those one as the girls battle back and forth. Serena does come on top, but her victory is short lived as Bri comes in and takes Serena out as well. The 3rd battle is against Joey. Helena starts in control, but soon loses it to Joey. Joey dominates Helena for the rest of the match. Match 4 is versus Devon. Helena makes light work of Devon even though she lost control for a little in the middle of the match, overall Devon didn’t really stand a chance. The last match is against Alex. This match start off back and forth, but soon Helena is in control and stays there. Once Alex is done, Devon comes in to rain a Helena victory as Devon gets a little revenge for her previous loss to Helena.

It’s always fun to jump back in to the time machine and see some of these unreleased matches from yesteryear. Helena was a favorite of mine from back in the day and this is a great example of why. Helena is great, whether she winning or losing. Also this brings back some love for Laticia as well. That match or the match with Serena are my favorites. Serena, who is still around, which is crazy to think about how long she’s been here. One other thing i liked is the outfits. There’s a lot of street clothes here, like jean shorts and tanks. I would like to see a little more of that kind of thing now a days. Overall this is a great throwback collection of videos. Feels great to have that nostalgic feeling ever now and then.

Overall Score: 8.5/10