Review of FIGHT BOTS: part three

Review of FIGHT BOTS: part three – 21 min

SK is building bots again and this time he’s modeled them after and old favorite AJ and new comer Kayla. Of course before SK can put his new bots on duty, he has to test them out versus each other. The first test is pro-wrestling vs martial arts. AJ is our wrestler and Kayla is our martial artist. AJ get KO’d 2 of of 3 rounds in a good kung fu kind of way. The next test is a boxing challenge. The girls both get close to getting KO’d, but it was Kayla’s over confidence the gets her in trouble and KO’d. The last test is a series of tranq gun fights. Both girls do well here, taking out the other a couple a times, but SK wraps things up but taking both girls down POV style. He takes them out of test mode, and tells his new bots that they have past their tests and are ready for service.

Really great to see AJ again. Its been so long since she was last in SKW and she brought a awesome new face in Kayla. I’m really happy with both girls, Kayla is a great seller and AJ always has been great and still is. I’m glad that during the 1st test AJ loses two of the three rounds, because she looks great in her shiny suit and boots. I’m not a huge of the Karate Gi. Its a interesting fighting style, but not an interesting outfit. Lucky for us Kayla’s Gi top come opens during her losing round, which definitely makes things more interesting. The boxing section is my favorite part. The girls sell the crap out of the punches and the both girls look great in their bikinis. The tranq gun fights are really great too. Again, i was impressed with both girl’s performance and i was glad to see SK top things off with a little POV action. Overall this is a great video, with quick scenes, plenty of action and awesome selling from Kayla and AJ.

Overall Score: 9/10