Review of FAR BEYOND DRIVEN 41 – 16 min

Anne Marie and Saya agree to a piledriver challenge. Who even is the 1st on that can successfully get a 3 count pin will be the winner. So, this isn’t an actual match, it’s just a friendly competition. They both submit themselves to be piledriven by the other. They have a little fun with how they get in the piledriver position and they show off their opponent in the piledriver position by doing a full rotation before piledriving them. There are ton of different kinds of piledrivers and pins, but they both manage to kick out just in time again and again. Finally Saya can’t kick out of Anne’s last pin, making Anne Marie the winner.

I like the idea of this video, I liked all the different piledrivers and pins. I love Saya and Anne Marie and their outfits for this, but I can’t say that I loved this video. I’ve been racking my mind, trying to come up with exactly what I didn’t like. I think there are few things I’d change, the first being the effectiveness of the piledriver. Although there was some dizziness, they were given the time to clear their heads before continuing. I think it would be better to have them punch drunk and exhausted near the the ending. Longer pins, would be my next adjustment. It would build better tension, even thought we know what coming, but not when and having 10 seconds makes room for variation depending on how out of they were. The last thing is to have Anne and Saya be not so friendly toward each other. They don’t have to be angry, but I didn’t get the feeling that either one cared who won. I know I’m making this sound bad, but honestly the reason I took this much time to say what I wanted to change is because I think this idea is solid and close to something great. Like I said earlier, this video did a lot right. Tons of piledrivers, KOs and pins. Saya and Anne are awesome, as always and look outstanding. The willingness be piledriven and the fun they had pre-piledriver are all good things in this video. So, overall it’s a good video, but with a few adjustments I think it could be amazing.

Overall score: 7.5/10