Review of Drunk in Pantyhose

Review of Drunk in Pantyhose – 10 min

Super easy one to describe here for you guys. Kayla comes home from partying, drunk and can be. She stumbles a falls all over the place trying to get to bed. She struggles back to her feet, just to end up back on the ground again. She twist and turns in her struggles as her short dress rides up, showing her pantyhose and she’s not wearing underwear. She finally makes it to the bed, barely. She struggles to get her heels off. Then she try to take her pantyhose off, but halfway down she falls over again. She decides to pull them back up, than falls on the bed and passes out.

I enjoyed this one mainly for the wrong reason. I laughed so much at this one. I found Kayla falling all over the place, drunk as can be very funny. Don’t get me wrong I liked it for the right reasons too. Kayla looks great as she struggles through the house. She ends up in great positions during her struggles and I loved her taking off her heels, showing off her flexibility. Overall I probably laughed at Kayla struggles more than i should have, but this is a really sexy vid, executed perfectly by Kayla.

Overall Score: 9/10