Review of Detective in Distress

Review of Detective in Distress PART ONE and PART TWO

Kayla nails another limp video in, “Detective in Distress.” Kayla play a detective coming to her own home, when a badie waits for her behind the door. As soon as she’s inside he chops her in the neck and she goes right out. Once she out he starts searching her body, for who knows what. He tosses her body quickly around as he continues he’s search. Kayla starts to wake as he tries to tie her hands. He than picks her up presses her against the wall and tries searching her body again, but I guess her squirming around was getting in the way. So, he knocks her out by bouncing her head off the wall. He lays he back down, removes her jacket, and plays with her limp arms, even dragging her around a bit. She stays out as he carries her around the apartment eventually laying her on a bed. Again he searches her body, flipping her limbs all over the place, when he turns Kayla face down he finds a paper in her back pocket. Could this be what he’s been searching so fanatically for? Nope, as he angry tosses the paper aside. Than he places her on the ground and drags her from the room. This is the end of part 1.

In part 2, he leaves Kayla in the middle of a room and walks away, but not before kicking her in the head, I guess to make sure she says out. While he’s gone, looking around the house Kayla wakes up. The bad guy rushes back in as soon as her hears her moving around. A fight breaks out as Kayla tries to get away from him, but Kayla is to out of it and he is too strong, so hard as she, tries eventually Kayla is knocked out again. From here he plays with her limp form for a while. Tying her hands, playing with them, stuffing a rag in her mouth. Than untying her hands, removing the rag and tossing her over his shoulder. He takes a quick look around before leaving with his new play thing in tow.

Sorry for taking so long to literally, walk you guys through pretty much every moment of this one, but so many little things happens that i figured it was easier and more fun to go through the whole thing. What more could you ask for in a limp play vid? There tons of limp play, carries, light bondage, even a fight, where Kayla is pretty much punch drunk the whole time. This one hits all my key points when look for a limp play vid. Even her clothes. i know some of you are wishing her clothes came off, but i liked her belly just peaking out all the time. So from me this is an awesome vid with everything you need, all well done by Kayla and her boyfriend.

Overall Score: 9/10