Review of Cali’s Battle Lair

Review of Cali’s Battle Lair – 10 min

Keri Spectrum is a lingerie clad superheroine, who has rushed to the lair of the evil Cali Logan, in order to steal a detonator and save city hall from a bomb. Cali is not about to let some heroine come in a ruin her plans. She catches Keri in her lair and the two duke it out. Keri is so worried about the detonator that every time she makes a little space from Cali, she’s focused on trying to defuse the bomb that Cali has too many chances to fight back. Eventually, Cali KO’s Keri and than hog ties her. Cali is nice enough to wake Keri up and let her watch as the time runs out and the bomb goes off. Than Cali puts Keri back to sleep and leaves her there to go see her handy work in person.

There is no way not to love this one, 1st off Keri and Cali both are in their bra and panties. That is a great way start to any video. Cali pretty much controls the whole vid, every time Keri started to get an advantage she’d focus back on trying to back on trying to defuse the bomb. Of course it goes with out needing to be said, but I’m going to say it anyway, Keri sold this great. I love the long hand over mouth smother, great reaction from Keri and I love the hog tie ending. Overall a great vid, with some fighting, some sleepy action, a little limp play, a little bondage and two amazing looking girls.

Overall Score: 9/10