Review of Becca’s Beating

Review of Becca’s Beating – 10.5 min

Becca is in the dressing room before her match with Sassi. She seems confident, says that she know no one has beaten Sassi yet, but she’s not afraid, she knows she can take her. Becca and Sassi enter the ring and Becca is quick to take control catching Sassi a little off guard with belly punches and face punches. Becca than pulls off a DDT on Sassi and goes for the pin, but Sassi kicks out, Becca tries to do another DDT, but Sassi reverses it with at piledriver, knocking Becca out cold. Sassi has some fun with the now helpless Becca, knocking her out several times. A few more piledrivers put and end to this one giveing Sassi the easy win.

I love this video, it is one of my all time favorite Becca vids. Not only did Becca do a killer job selling this one, becasue she twitches a lot and is ragdolled a bit, but her whole performance is top notch. That and she looks, as always, outstanding. Also you got to love the raw power from Sassi. She makes Becca look like she weighs nothing. I was asked to review this video in my forum section and to put it simply, you have to own this video.

OVerall Score: 9.5/10