Review of Becca Challenges Kat

Review of Becca Challenges Kat – 16 min

Apparently, Becca has been hearing that people think that Kat is the new hottest girl at Fem wrestling Rooms. She’s not happy about that and plans to put the rookie in her place. She walks up and Kat and issues a her a challenge. Kat tries telling her that’s not dressed to fight, but Becca isn’t going to take no for an answer as she attacks Kat and tosses her in the ring. Becca starts with some punches in the corner, than a bearhug, but a sudden shot to Becca’s neck turns Kat lose. Kat quickly renders Becca unconscious with some mounted punches to the face. After she pins Becca she tells Becca that this going to be a best of 3 match, then strips down to her Bikini and waits for Becca to wake up. Round 2 is All Becca as she takes charge of the match like she thought she would in the 1st round. This time Kat couldn’t get lose and gets totally dominated. Round 3 and Kat is quickly back on top after a reverse bearhug and a figure four headscissors puts Becca out cold. Kat begins to taunt Becca with fake pins. Than she gets Becca to beg for Kat to finish her. After a Stunner Becca is done and Kat pins Becca with a nice matchbook pin then takes a good minute or so for her victory poses.

How many times do we see some girls challenge someone else who isn’t ready to for a match than totally dominate? Well, not this time. I think that’s one of the things that make this one so great. That and its Becca losing and she’s got her patriotic bikini on and her chuck boots. If I said it once i must have said it a 100 times, I love Becca losing. She is definitely one of the best jobbers. anyway, like i was saying before, Becca sets herself up for this butt whopping. She challenged Kat a paid for her over confidence. I’m big fans of all this pins, especially the false pins. I like Kat a lot here too. I thought she sold well in her losing round and she seemed really confident and comfortable dominating Becca. I love the last pin and I like how long we got to watch Kat pose over the defeated Becca. It was longer than normal and I was happy to watch Becca out could in her boots and Bikini.

Overall Score: 9/10