Review of ANGEL VS KO QUEEN – 7.5 min

This is the first battle of the NGC Champion series. In this battle we have, superheroine, Angel versus The KO Queen in best of 3, submissions only match. Angel’s powers have been removed, so she has to fight honestly. Unfortunately, for Angel her strength is nothing compared to The KO Queen. Angel gets dominated pretty much from beginning to end. She submits twice in no time. After her second submission, to a figure four, The KO Queen makes Angel stand on her injured leg before knocking her out cold. Leaving her flat out in the ring.

These videos will be less story oriented and focus more on the fighting, which I love. This one is a short one, but works great. The KO Queen makes light work of Angel, making her submit with ease. I love Angel’s selling, her cries in pain and dizzy reaction are perfect. I really like that she made is clear he leg was hurt and would love to see a video the focuses on damaging a limb like that and watching someone struggle the stay in the fight with a bum leg. I like the music in this, although a few times I thought it was a louder than Angel, which it shouldn’t be. Other than that it’s a great video and I can’t wait to see more.

Overall Score: 9/10