Review of ALWAYS OUTGUNNED 5 – 12 min

We start out seeing Tracy Jordan getting into bed and falling a sleep. She wakes up in the middle of the mat room dressed it some military-ish outfit. She looks around confused then suddenly gets gunned down POV style. This keeps happening to her again and a again. She never see’s it coming and the gunman always takes few extra shots. Eventually Tracy snaps out of it and wakes up in a panic. She calls a friend to tell her about it than gets out of bed. Before she can go anywhere she gets gunned down again, leaving her in a slumped on the ground.

I am a huge fan of Tracy, she’s and awesome seller. This particular video doesn’t give her too many chances to do my favorite part of her selling, which is her eye rolling and crossing, but she’s still great and we do get a few good shots of her eyes reacting to the shots. The best thing about the video is the tons of KO positions Tracy ends up in, becasue she’s literally all over the room. That and as always the chuck boots are always a plus. Overall, I like that she’s clueless at to what’s happening the whole time and it all the great KO positions, definitely a vid worth checking out.

Overall Score: 8.5/10