Review of A FATAL FOUR-WAY – 35 min

We fade in on Hellena Heavenly, Jenelle Sinclair, Alex, and Malloy ready for the fatal four way match that’s about to start. you see that even before the match starts alliances are being made. When the match officially starts Hellena and Jenelle team up and take control over Alex and Malloy. They continue to dominate till Jenelle attacks Hellena for take all the pins. Than Alex and Malloy take over until Malloy attacks Alex because she wants to win. That causes Hellena to side with Alex becasue the both got attached by their so called partners. Then take out the other two, than shake hands before taking on each other to declare a winner. Hellena does eventually come out on top.

SK has a note at the top of this vid description saying how there is no total KOs in this one, how they are only stunned/exhausted. I don’t have a problem with that at all. I think it was done well and makes a decent alternative to a normal out cold KO. The match it self is good, I like all the double team beat downs, the half conscious pins and back stabbing. I felt the was a bit too much chatter, but in some cases, there’s no other way to keep the story idea going. Overall, its a pretty good vid, lots of pins, back stabbing and the Stunned KO replacement thing works pretty well.

Overall Score: 8.5/10