Review of A DOUBLE DOSE OF ASHLEY – 12min + 11 min = 23 min

Got a double header here, both with Ashley Edmonds and Sumiko. In this 1st one Ashley and Sumiko square off in a regular match. Ashley totally takes it to Sumiko pretty easily. Sumiko get in zero moves, but only gets KO’d plenty of times. After Ashley is done beating the daylights out of Sumiko, she pins Sumiko, but as soon as she finishes her count, Fantasy runs in and attacks her. Fantasy takes out Ashley and helps Sumiko out of the room.

The next video starts with Ashley pissed off because she has no idea who attacked her and helped Sumiko. While she’s ranting about that, Sumiko and Fantasy enter the room and attack Ashley. This time with Fantasy’s help Sumiko gains her revenge really easily as Ashley is helpless against the tag team. Fantasy and Sumiko once again leave Ashley out cold in the middle of the mat room.

I don’t remember Ashley Edmonds too well, but I imagine if she stuck around she would be pretty popular. She makes a good heel and did pretty well as a jobber too. The first video was my favorite, because what is better than seeing a Sumiko squash. It’s a good beat down, she is not everyone’s favorite jobber for no reason. The fantasy run in sets up the second vid perfectly. So I’m really glad these two came out together. Although the Sumiko squash what’s my favorite part Ashley did great as a jobber as well. So I give her part a close second. Overall a really good story idea where fantasy comes in to save the day, sort of and then helps gain revenge. Great job by all involved.

Overall score: 8.5/10