Review of A COLLECTOR’S STORY 14 – 19 min

We fade in on Wonder-Woman (Christina Ricci) leading her two supergirl trainees (played by Anne-Marie and Heather West) into the evil Leopard’s (played by Amber O’Neal) lair, A small box is in the middle of the room, Anne and Heather go to check it out, it contains a shard of kryptonite which takes them out. While they struggle Amber sneaks up on Christina who isn’t affected by the kryptonite and chloroforms her out. With the supergirls weakened from the kryptonite and Christina out from the chloroform, Amber is in complete control, having fun beating up and mocking the heroines. After she had enough fun with that she hypnotizes Christina, demanding her to beat up her two friends. She does as she is told, taking it to the weakened supergirls, easy dominating. After going through a couple KOs Heather out of desperation is able to reverse an attack from Christina, taking her down. Amber tries to stop Heather, but Heather takes her down too. Heather gets Anne up and they have to get the hypno orb to save Christina, but its laying right next to the shard of kryptonite. Anne sacrifices herself, barely getting the orb to Heather before passing out. Heather is able to remove the spell from Christina and Christina is able to put the kryptonite back in the case, becasue it doesn’t effect her. Once the kryptonite is gone Anne and Heather jump back up. Amber who is still out could in the back in about to be in a whole lot of trouble as all 3 girls a full strength and upset. They wake her up knock her around a bit than they out Amber out with a double scissors chloroform combo before carrying her a away to justice.

This one has everything you need in a superheroine video. I really like how the kryptonite only effects Anne and Heather, becasue Christina isn’t a supergirl, that’s made things interesting. All the heroines were in trouble and got knocked out a bunch. Hypnosis that forces some treason. Than they are able to turn the tables on the evil villainess and take her down. All the girls sold good. The one on two domination with Anne and Heather losing to Amber and than Christina is the bread and butter of this vid and of course takes up most of the video. Amber plays a great villain it seemed like she really enjoyed that role. I’m not a huge fan of most of the costumes except Christina’s, her’s was great. Overall, A really entertaining and well done super heroine video.

Overall Score: 8.5/10