Review of Jasmine Mendez Destroys Wenona

Review of Jasmine Mendez Destroys Wenona – 16 min

We come in to this clip apparently after the fight is almost done. We see Jasmine Mendez climbing on top of an already defeated Wenona. Jasmine traps the pretty much out cold Wenona between her thighs and starts squeezing. Wenona struggles a little, but she is way too weak and out of it. All Wenona can do is, moan, weakly claw at Jasmine’s legs. twitch and drool. Jasmine switches up the positions of her scissors, talking trash the whole time and Wenona keeps drooling a twitching as she fades in and out of consciousness. Jasmine does put a sleeper hold in the middle of her domination. Letting Wenona drool all over herself, but than it back to more scissors. Jasmine finally calls it quits after she’s had enough of Wenona drooling all over the place.

This awesome clip was brought to my attention by a fan in my forum section. This vid is damn near a ragdoll vid as Wenona is really close to unconsciousness the whole time. Each time Wenona slips into unconsciousness she starts to twitch and drool and she is awesome at selling it. She stays out for a short time and Jasmine most of the time changes positions when she goes out, which wakes her up. I love this whole vid, the KOs come at a good pace, although they are short lived, the scissors from Jasmine are great and powerful, even though she stays in one position for a little long and the twitching and drooling is epic, even with just a little bit of eyerolling. Another great over top video.

Overall Score: 9.5/10