Review of LEOTARDS AND KOs: Sixth Battle

Review of LEOTARDS AND KOs: Sixth Battle – 26 min

Foxy Roulette has found herself another partner for her leotards and knockout games in Niki Lee Young. They show up to Foxy’s room in robes and they take turns reveling their shiny suits and stockings. After they both get a good feel of what the other girl is wearing, Niki takes charge but putting Foxy out with a tight sleeper. While Niki is enjoying her sleeping friend’s attire, Foxy wakes up and slaps a body scissors on the unsuspecting Niki. There girls continue to be willing KO’d by the other using a bunch of toys and other tactics. They wrap up their KO party by administering a sleepy syringe to each other. They challenge each other to make it out of the room, but of course they both fail and end up in a pile on the floor.

I’m a big fan of these videos. I love the suits and the shiny pantie hose. There is a great amount of KOs and one of my favorite things about this, is the willingness of the girls to be KO’d. They play really well off each other and there’s something really cool about them waiting to be KO’d by the other. Especially the syringe part, that’s a highlight of this vid. A great job from both girls. Their selling was great and their acting was really great too. You can tell they were a little nervous to play their KO games and the keep that little bit of nervousness the whole time. Overall, the selling and the suits are definitely the best part of this one. if you’re a fan of the others vids from this series, than you’ll love this one, best one to day.

Overall Score: 8.5/10