Anne-Marie Boxes

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Review of Anne-Marie’s Time Anne-Marie Boxes – 5 mins

Anne-Marie wants to see what you got? How good are you at boxing? Anne-Marie immediately starts getting hit with jabs and uppercuts repeatedly. She continues to become dizzy with eye rolls and stumbling she can barely stay on her feet. After a few minutes of Anne-Marie taking a beating with many more jabs uppercuts and belly punches she then falls to her knees and takes the final few blows.

In case you haven’t heard, SKW’s own Anne-Marie has opened her own c4s store. Now she did mention that she is not taking customs yet, but she did post 10 videos covering different fetishes, of course some of which are the kind of thing that made her famous, at least to us, like is getting her butt kicked. I have picked this POV boxing video to bring to you guys first, because I am just madly in love with the POV boxing genre right now and it’s an absolute pleasure to see Anne-Marie starring in one of these. Now, this one is pretty simple, as most are. The setting is Sumiko’s house and I can safely assume Sumiko is behind the camera for this one. There’s not really any knockdowns, although she does end up on her knees to take a few punches.  Her reactions are excellent, as you would expect from Anne and we do get a final KO at the end with Anne going down and out, giving us a little eye crossing and a bit of a twitch before laying still. There’s no ten count either, but for a quick 5 min POV boxing vid, this one hits the spot for me. Anne is always a great jobber and she sells her reactions to the camera just right and I get a good KO at the end, although short lived, it’s still a good KO. I can’t wait to see more vid from Anne-Marie’s own production and you better believe as soon as she’s taking customs I’ll be getting my request in.

Overall Score: 9/10