A Foolish Instructor Lora

Review of Lady Fight – A Foolish Instructor Lora – 10.5 mins

As per usual, there isn’t a written description for this video, so I’ll write one really quickly for it. Lora is a fight instructor and Luna is supposed to be her student, but Luna is just there to take advantage of Lora every time she lets Luna practice on her. There are several quick scenes of Luna knocking out Lora, each one of the KOs are really over the top. Eventually, Lora catches on to Luna’s scheme and tries to fight back, but that just turns into some back and forth attack that in the end leaves both Luna and Lora out cold and twitching wildly on the floor.

It is so awesome, that through no doing of my own, Lady Fight releases a really OTT video shortly after I discover them. I say discover, but you guys know someone told me to go check them out.  Nonetheless, it’s super cool to see them do their first OTT video, at least the first one as far as I know, if you don’t count vids with just drooling. Both Lora and Luna are really great in this. They both are a little silly with their acting and of course with their reactions to the attacks. The outfits are amazing, at first and then end up with them both in bikinis, but the early outfits were outstanding. The music here is pretty good, it’s not just a background beat, but there’s some actual effort to make the video very theatrical, but sometimes it gets too loud. Other than that, this was another fantastic video for Lady Fight. Lora and Luna art gorgeous and silly and really do an excellent job selling one really over the top KOs. I can’t wait for more like this, hopefully soon.

Overall Score: 9.9/10