Review of Don’t Mess with Wonder Vanessa

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsDon’t Mess with Wonder Vanessa – 17.5 mins

Wonder Vanessa has found the lair of Charlie, an evil villain who intends to rule the world! The diminutive beauty gets the jump on Vanessa and puts her through some painful wrestling holds then tosses her in the ring to work her over even more. But Wonder Vanessa manages to fight through the pain and turn the tables on Charlie! In the end, poor Charlie is humiliated, dominated, defeated, and left unconscious. This video has a nice mix of wrestling holds and lift & carry moves. Charlie uses a choke, head scissors, punches/kicks, a surfboard, a camel clutch, a leglock, snap mares, and body splashes to work over Wonder Vanessa. Vanessa uses a bear hug, several body slam lifts and throws, a surfboard, a body scissors, a bow and arrow, a camel clutch, a fireman’s carry, over the shoulder carry, two shoulder rides, a piggy back ride, and a final torture rack with a neck choke knockout.

This vid was hit and miss video for me. On one hand I love Charlie, I didn’t mind that she was in control for a little while, I do love her evil little smile when she’s in control. I absolutely love her outfit, the fishnets is a great addition to the pro/Anything Goes look and I’m very happy that she lost in the end and for the majority of the match. The thing I don’t love was the lift and carry stuff. It just does nothing for me, personally, to see Charlie or any for that matter just carried around on someone’s shoulders, fully conscious and being afraid of heights. Now if Charlie was either unconscious or even half conscious and the carrying done as more of a humiliation tactic, like walk around with your trophy, instead of a scare tactic, I think I’d really enjoy that. On another positive note, some of the carries ended in a move, like a powerbomb or body slams, those carries are totally fine with me. And of the torture rack ending was great too as it does end with a KO. Overall, the carries that I spent most of this talking about weren’t that much of the action and seeing cute little Charlie KO’d and defeated again, especially in this outfit, was totally worth grabbing this video.

Overall score: 8.5/10