Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldTAKAIJI THE TITAN 6 – 26 mins

TWO BRUTAL BEATDOWNS…starring 6’4 Takaiji! Match # 1: PANDORA vs TAKAIJI Agent Pandora has been getting close to taking the evil SKW Agency down, so the Bossman himself hires Takaiji to track her down and take her out!  What follows is a brutal beatdown that ensures SK’s safety…as well as a powerful display from the 6’4 assassin! Match # 2: JACQUELYN vs TAKAIJI The stunning Jacquelyn Velvets is in the middle of a photo session when Takaiji approaches, asking for a friendly match.  Jacquelyn (in full Diva mode) refuses but then decides to make a name for herself by attacking the tall and powerful fighter with a sudden sleeper hold!   Furious, Takaiji breaks out of the move and traps Jacquelyn in a sleeper of her own!  Soon enough, the blonde model succumbs, her eyes rolling as she goes limp.  Takaiji decides to get the match she wanted in the first place, using the dazed and stunned Miss Velvets as her personal practice dummy until she’s done with her daily workout!

I’m not going to lie, if the Jacquelyn vs Takaiji portion of this video was released on its own, I would have reviewed it a while ago, because for me, and you guys know me by now, that video is outstanding. Jacquelyn Velvets playing the jobber in what turns out to be twitchy ragdoll video, which in my M.O., is definite dream come true, or dream come early, as I’ve always had the plan to do a custom with her one day. Anyway, my point is Jackie gave me all the lovely eyerolling I always hope to see from her, along with some great limp ragdolling and a lot of twitching, although she doesn’t twitch, aggressively, I guess I a good way to describe it (she’s no Sparrow), so it’s a little hard to tell she’s twitching at times, but at the end she really does do some fantastic twitching. I don’t really like the body suit, but I do love those boots and the cocky “diva” attitude. And see what I mean? I spent all this time talking about Jacquelyn’s video and haven’t even mentioned Pandora yet. Don’t get me wrong, Pandora’s squash is great too, but it’s no twitchy ragdoll, so it’s just overshadowed, in this case, in my opinion. I will say that Pandora looks amazing, did some great eyerolling and took a great KO filled beatdown at the hands of Takaiji. Speaking of Takaiji, as little as I’ve mentioned her in this review, Takaiji has got to be my favorite SKW female heel, with or without the presents of Sapphire, and I don’t mind seeing Takaiji on the losing side every now and then. Overall, I got this one for Jacquelyn’s video while Pandora’s video was an appreciated bonus.

Overall Score: 9.9/10