Review School Girl Squabble

Review Fem Wresting Rooms School Girl Squabble – 10 mins

This custom video begins with Peyton and Becca realizing that they’ve both chosen the same Halloween costume for a party. Well, even though the beauties are close friends they love to deal with their problems with a good old cat fight! In a three part fight, Peyton gets the upper hand a few times but it’s very evident that Becca is the stronger girl and she ends up dominating her friend with a bear hug, plenty of scissors, face slapping, and humiliating school girl pins. Poor Peyton is forced to beg for her release then tries to run away from Becca only to be caught and dominated in another part of the house. The sexy school girl outfits get ripped off and they continue the battle in their bras and panties.

This is a video that I am glad didn’t happen in the FWR ring as it makes much more sense story wise that this one take place in the house. I like the story behind this one and I even like the style of fight they had with it being a bit more catfight then wrestling, but still using wrestling holds. I also liked that Becca was mostly in control, over powering Peyton as most of the time I feel vids like that are very evenly matched. It was really funny watching a Peyton would try to escape, knowing she can’t beat her, only for Becca to chase her down, catch her and beat her up some more. Of course personally I would have loved a KO in there somewhere, especially at the end would have been nice, but it’s not my custom. Oh, and of course the school girl outfits are great, I love them getting ripped off and Peyton looks really good getting squeezed by Becca strong legs. Overall, even without any KOs, this was cool to watch, we need more of Becca chasing Peyton around just to kick her ass.

Overall Score: 8/10