Reviews of Victoria Knocked Silly 4

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Reviews of Girls Getting SleepyVictoria Knocked Silly 4 – 17 mins

Victoria comes home with an attitude one afternoon, and accuses her boyfriend of not spending enough time with her. It becomes clear to him that this argument won’t be solved with words, but with a good bop on the head instead. Victoria is hit over the head with a club and knocked silly. Her eyes roll up and she giggles before passing out cold. While she’s out, her limp body becomes his toy. He plays with her limbs and pulls off her panties to reveal her white bikini bottoms. Each time Victoria wakes up, she is knocked silly again.

You know if I’m reviewing a GGS video, it’s got to be starring Victoria, there just isn’t anyone else there with enough draw to bring me over to GGS regularly. This time it’s another knocked silly vid, which is one of their best series they have and Victoria sells it just right. Some people sell this like they’re suddenly being tickled after being bonked on the head, which is too much for me, but Victoria does it right, just some light giggling and a silly smile as she fades away. That’s my idea of being knocked silly. And of course there’s plenty of limp play and feet views along the way, as you come to expect. They also did the right thing taking off Victoria’s shorts, revealing her sexy white panties underneath. The shorts just did look sexy enough, in my opinion and it was a great move getting them out of the way early. All that being said, no other video in this series, by Victoria, has captured the magic of the original “Victoria Knocked Silly”. I gave that one a 9/10 at the time, in hindsight, it’s more like a 9.9/10. The short scenes, multiple outfits and OTT reactions is what a knocked silly vid should really be. So I say, if you don’t have that, get that one instead of this, but if you have that already, this is not bad, very par for the course for GGS videos.

Overall Score: 9/10