Reviews of Sleeperkid’s WorldVELVETS’ VENGEANCE – 22 mins

After losing her master to Sumiko’s deadly attack, agent Jacquelyn Velvets makes her way through the evildoer’s lair.  A few of Sumiko’s clones attack, but they’re no match for Velvets’ deadly speed.  After taking them down, she finally faces off against the REAL Sumiko…leading to a brutal battle that seems to end quickly after a sleeper hold claims Velvets’ consciousness.  Sumiko ignores her beaten foe, however, leading to an abrupt turn that rebrands Sumiko as Velvets’ victim, with the blonde’s fury knowing NO limits.  She destroys the villainess, taking her apart piece by piece and ending her with a truly vicious and humiliating neck snap!

There is some major details missing from the description above and for me personally it’s a bit of a bummer when a video has some seriously over the top action and it doesn’t even get mentioned in the storyline and is only a footnote in move list. Because I’m not talking about the normal kind of overselling that we have gotten used to seeing for SKW, with a little extra eye rolling, some tongue protrusion, a bit of drooling if we’re lucky and some twitching for the high impact moves. No, I’m talking the seriously over the top madness that I am famous for requesting and applauding, the kind of video where over reactions are tuned to eleven and reality is tossed out the window, the kind of over the top stuff I live for. It’s a huge selling point for me and others and it should be mentioned properly. So, let me tell you how amazing it is to have Sumiko, who is without question one of the most talented girls on the roster, giving us what I would call her best Sparrow impression. I mean at some points in this amazing beatdown Sumiko is convulsing and drooling so wildly it definitely resembles Sparrow’s patented over selling. I also need to figure out the words to use for my next custom to get tongue protrusion like this, Sumiko really hangs her tongue out in this one, drooling all over the place and I want that’s kind of tongue protrusion in my next custom. There’s also a really amazing cherry on top, well actually, this cherry is really in the middle and that is Miss Velvets single solitary KO. Since we only get one Velvets KO, I’m really glad she made it a memorable one. Jackie really oversells her KO, not too much twitching, like Sumiko did, but all the other over the top reactions are to the elevens as well when she goes out. There is a bit of storyline in this one too, something about Jacquelyn seeking revenge for her fallen master, but it didn’t really do anything for me. Doesn’t matter though, the way Sumiko and Jackie sold all of this, way over the top like they did, makes this a definite must own for all us over the top reactions fans, it’s the most over the top performance I’ve ever seen from Sumiko and is an instant classic, an instant favorite for me. Don’t miss this one.

Overall Score: 10/10