Reviews of Cross-eyed Knockout

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Reviews of Tracy Jordan’s World of FetishCross-eyed Knockout – 11 mins

The doorbell rings and I go to answer it, but before I can get there, the door opens suddenly and hits me in the face. My eyes cross, I go dizzy and then fall to floor asleep. I wake up dazed and confused. I get up and run away but I run directly into Kymberly Jane’s huge tits. I get dizzy again, go cross-eyed and pass out. The next time I wake up, Kymberly is waiting for me with a bat in her hands. She hits me over the head, my eyes cross and I am knocked out once again. This continues to happen several more times. I wake up confused, see Kymberly and she knocks me out in some way. Every time I go cross-eyed and pass out on the floor. After several knockouts from Kymberly I can’t take it anymore, so I run into the wall and knock myself out. Kymberly then takes off my clothes so I am on the floor asleep and completely naked. She plays with my limp body and then drags me by the feet out the door while I am knocked out.

No idea how old this video is, but looking at the great shape Kym and Tracy are in, it’s not too old, but anyway, I tripped over this little gem the other day while scrolling through C4S looking for hidden treasures. So it’s safe to say that my mission was successful as I couldn’t wait on this purchase. Tracy is a master at the silly, eye crossing KOs and that is all this video is about, repeatedly knocking out Tracy and watching as she stumbles around, eye crossed, dazed and confused, until she falls over out cold in several great positions. I know Kym Jane is no slouch with it comes to the same kind of KO selling, I wouldn’t have mind seeing her take a turn or two, but no luck this time. This one is all Tracy show and if you somehow didn’t know just of goofy and silly she can be, this video will surely set you straight. I also really loved her outfit here, but it was without a doubt, a nice cherry to top to see Tracy stripped completely naked and dragged away. A nice simple and fun video here, perfectly executed by Tracy and assisted by Kymberly Jane.

Overall Score: 9/10